Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Third Day! Ft. REALLY Good Food!

I was basically a ninja this morning, sneakily getting ready whilst my roommates slept, quietly grabbing every bottle and tiptoeing to and from the bathroom. I didn't want to wake anyone up so I got up super duper early and as soon as I finished getting ready I was faced with the predicament of not being able to get back into bed and comfortably wait for everyone to wake up for fear of making to much noise so I sat in the hallway for a good 20 minutes. I mean I guess my life doesn't ever get too boring, not with me always finding a way to do something silly or, as some people call it, something impractical. Anyways, today kicked off with visiting the National Geographic Headquarters and listening to a wonderful speech by Susan Goldberg. She included lots of photography, which I am a total sucker for, so I really loved her speech. Next came my favorite part of the day: Lunch. We ate at Buca Di Beppo and it was great! We got to eat at smaller tables or booths and I didn't feel too nervous or overwhelmed to eat so naturally I ate a bit too much whilst I was so comfortable. I enjoyed a couple laughs while one of the girls tried to teach me how to stalk people on Instagram, I wasn't very good but it was still fun to try. We visited the National Press Club next and were grilled by Brian Lamb the founder of C-SPAN and got to question three wonderful journalists: Jen Bendery,  Zach Wineburg, and Karin Caifa. After dinner we had one more speaker, Mike Shear who was very interesting and I really enjoyed listening to him. The day finished off with color group meetings and one of the best nights ever. Some of my amazing friends and I took over the BlueRidge lounge and ordered pizza, it just felt great to be with them all and the pizza was the best thing iv'e eaten in awhile which may be sad to say but oh well. Let's hope I can get some sleep tonight!

(I apologize for how bad and broad these blog posts will seem but these nights leave me so exhausted its a miracle that I write at all! I am not going to be revising this as it is 1 am and i'd like to get some sleep tonight, g'night everyone!)

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