Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Second Day At WJMC!

It took so much willpower to drag myself out of bed today, it felt like I swallowed starlight and it burnt my entire body, or simply put: I AM EXHAUSTED
Today we got to see Hoda Kotb and listen to her speech. It was incredible! I loved how she spoke to the correspondents and her stories were so inspiring! After that we headed to the Newseum aka my favorite place on this Earth. Now, to be completely honest, I did not enjoy the first half of this adventure. We had to cycle around in groups and I couldn't enjoy my time there, I was feeling very overwhelmed and went to my natural instinct to stand around and not look at anything other than my phone. I was feeling discouraged. I had wanted to see my friends and show them some of the treasures of this place, instead I felt so out of place. 
However, at one point we went out on a balcony about six stories high that had a breathtaking view of Washington. NOTE: I am petrified of heights. And somehow I was able to walk right over to the banister, plop my arms onto it, stretch onto my tippy toes, and lean my head right over the edge looking straight down. I wasn't scared. I had already braved social awkwardness and a case of lonely feels and now this whole height issue didn't seem at all worrisome. In fact, I loved it. The air felt fresh and I wanted to take as many gulps of the sunshine soaked air as I could. I could've stood there for hours just breathing that air and smiling at the view but eventually we had to go to the next rotation. We did have about 25 minutes at the end to roam free so, of course, I climbed all six levels of stairs and returned to my favorite little balcony. I wanted to scoop up as much of that view and air as I could, I wanted to have it pouring out of my arms and falling to the floor as I walked, some form of gaseous bravery. (Okay I'm getting a bit too poetic here) It was simply refreshing.
 But, eventually, we did have to leave, this time on our way to the White House and the monuments for the Twilight Monument Tour. It started out a bit nerve wracking as usual but soon I was able to see my friends again and boy did I need to at this point. I felt so much better after seeing them! 
Soon we split up again, I enjoyed walking all the way up to the Lincoln memorial and down around The Mall. Fresh air seems to be something I can't get enough of during this trip. But at that the day ended and there isn't much more to say. Hopefully the rest of the time here I can find some more of that fresh air bravery because I honestly don't know if i'll be able to survive without it. 

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