Monday, July 11, 2016

First Day At WJMC! Ft. Friends!

So today seemed as if it would be a relatively normal day, I woke up, got dressed and ready, but then I brought my two large suitcases downstairs and finished preparing for my flight to the one and only Washington Journalism and Media Conference. I could really feel the nerves kicking in right as I was about to head into security without anyone to accompany me (first time flying alone!) My flight actually went wonderfully! I was sat next to a woman who told me she had friends who had graduated from George Mason and she told me all of the reasons they loved the school! The main selling point being that the college is diverse and has tons of opportunities for students. Anyways, fast forward, everything had gone smoothly at baggage claim and I had easily found the group of people waiting for the shuttle to leave the airport.
 The moment I got into my dorm room I just stood there unable to figure out what to do next. I was overwhelmed at the grand scale of things and the fact that I was actually here. I messaged a few people in my group chat that I had arrived and I mentioned my room number. I continued stumbling around my room for about ten minutes until I heard the main dorm door open and a stampede of friends came spilling through the door. I was awestruck, I expected, if anyone were to come, it would only be about two friends. Instead I was greeted with 13 smiling faces and immediately the small dorm was filled with hugs and introductions. Everyone quickly made themselves comfortable and we sat for awhile, talking and laughing. I had never felt so at ease with a group of people before, typically I start to shake and get very nervous around new people, but it felt like I had known them forever, it felt like I was with family! Soon we were running all over campus, meeting up with fellow friends, running into and out of dorms, checking in, etc. I tried Logan-Berry for the first time, a really sweet drink from the one and only Meghan, as in the one and only Meghan H. because we happen to have Meghan squared in our little family. Eventually I met up with the lovely Sadie! It was nice to be with another person from FL so we chatted a bit about anything that came to mind. It helped put my mind to rest knowing someone had also come from FL and that we were experiencing some of the same things.
The next event on our schedule was a campus tour. I lucked out and joined a group composed of all of my friends and we walked around the stunning GMU campus. The weather was beautiful and people were laughing and enjoying themselves and I just felt so at home, it felt like my life was working up to this point so I could meet these amazing friends and see this breathtaking campus. To wrap up the day we attended a dinner and welcoming speech along with our opening speaker Tina Rosenberg. The entire experience was inspiring and lovely. However as the time to crawl into my bed and fall asleep approached I started to get the jitters. And they were BAD jitters. I desperately needed one last hug or one last friendly face and luckily I got just that! The beyond sweet Jules happened to be in a dorm right near mine and with only so many minutes left to spare before bed check I managed to get a hug, that I really needed and was much appreciated, from her. With that my night wrapped up. And now I'm here, typing away on my laptop. Writing a long post where I jaw off a lot about my day. So I guess I'll head to bed now. Goodnight friends! Goodnight Universe! I can't wait to take on tomorrow and all it has to offer!  

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