Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Moon

A happy thoughtI'll bet that if the Moon could record all the conversations it's had there would be millions and millions of conversations. 
Think about all those times you've woken up randomly in the night and thought to yourself alone in the dark about everything, with the Moon watching over you silently, all of the times you couldn't fall asleep and you lie in bed awake, with the Moon in the night sky a quiet but apparent company. Think about any moment at night where you've gone out for a walk to clear your thoughts or sat outside to look at the stars and recuperate, the Moon has been with you all of your nights. The Sun has been with you all of your days. 
If the Moon could record all of it's conversations they would be composed of midnight dreamers, visionaries, poets, lovers, star-wishers, night-thinkers, and lonely people. The Sun sees too many conversations in a day to be apart of them all. The Sun sees you at your best and sometimes it's not even there to watch over you, the Moon sees you at your worst and stays with you through it. People would be a lot different if they knew that the Moon loved them, if they knew that the Stars cherished them, and the Sun tied there days together.
But still through it all, throughout it's many restless nights and sad moments, the Moon has loved the Sun so much that he dies every night just so she can breathe every day. And the fact that the Moon has that much love, I believe, proves that the world isn't as bad as it seems. 

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