Thursday, November 20, 2014


I happen to love the sky and weather in general. It can capture so many combinations of colors and feelings and wonders that it is always breathtaking. Even stormy skies have clouds that convey emotions and when a stormy sky cries it is the most amazing thing to run around in the tears and try to make the clouds feel better by showing it that you can laugh even when your drowning.
 And sunny skies are wonderfully delicious, when you can hold the warm sunlight in your hands and arms and taste the hot air. 
Cold air is bracing and gentle in a bold way, and I love breathing in a day's cold air.
 Dull days with gray skies and blank sunshine are beautiful too, they are beautiful in the most plain way that most people don't see because their looking to hard. Plain days simply say this, I felt like being me today, isn't that a wonderful thought? That the sky and world dresses itself up for other people on most days but on it's dullest days the sky just wakes and rises and decides to be itself. The sky deserves the most respect and love on it's dullest days I think.
 But above all, I have fallen in love with the night sky. The way the darkness seems so at home as it blankets the sky at night is comforting. And I love the way lights battle and reflect in the dark, the way the light and dark battle at night creates the most graceful wars and scenes. How the moon sits up there in the sky every night is breathtaking, and it's never exactly the same! All of the stars have stories to tell, they all have ages and thoughts and lives of their own. And as long as someone has the stars they can never be lonely. Which is just the world telling you it loves you by always giving you endless friends in the sky and endless things to appreciate.
 Sometimes I just want to stop bustling about in my days so I can open up my arms and hands and give the sky a hug. Do you believe anyone has ever given the sky a hug? Or that maybe someone has tried to yell at the top of their lungs so the sky will hear that they love it? I hope someone has. I certainly will be the person to try it one day. If no one else has cared enough to thank the sky yet. Everybody needs love, a little bit of consideration, a small bit of happiness, a smile. Why should the sky be left out when in reality it is just like us? 

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